Don’t Get Lost in The Holiday Season. 

As we embark on the last two months of the year and the holiday season, now is the perfect time to remember who you are and what you want out of life. The holidays can cause a lot of stress for people with gatherings, baking, and yes, more baking, shopping and sometimes, unrealistic expectations from others. And the expectations we put upon ourselves. 

Maybe now is the perfect time to make your “to-do” list for the season. What will you want to accomplish, create, and if you celebrate Christmas, what your shopping list looks like? 

Years ago, I used to run around without stopping to enjoy the season. I would let others direct my attention with holiday gatherings, baking, shopping and wrapping packages so by the time the holidays finally arrived I was totally spent mentally. I realized I needed a change of focus. 

My focus is now on the enjoyment of the holidays and slow down, take time to write down my own expectations for the season so I am ready to face them with a smile. I also enjoy taking time for reflection of holidays past and the loved ones I enjoy spending time with. 

Perhaps now is the time to make “your list” for the season. What are your expectations for the season? What can you work on in order to be a happier person during this holiday season? 

How can you make this season a very happy one and more enjoyable for you and those around you? There is no need for stress when we know we have the opportunity to be in charge of our holiday expectations. 

I know some are saying “yeah right” and that’s unrealistic but when you take control of your holiday season instead of the other way around, your holiday season gets so much better, I promise!

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