The best investment I ever made wasn’t in a product, it was in myself.

I often have people say “oh I just bought this…” Or “you should see this thing that my husband, wife, partner brought home.” But no one ever shares about the investment they made in themselves and I wonder why that is?

We have become, or have been for quite some time, a society of giving more value to possessions instead of personal growth. Now I do enjoy nice things, but I don’t hold them with the highest value as I do my personal growth. 

I take notice when people buy things to make themselves feel happier, and they are happy for time, but it never lasts. After that “new car smell” wears off they go back into the unhappiness or lack of feeling unfulfilled they had before. Instead of learning how to cope, change their current state of mind, or create habits that make them internally happy, it is easier for people to buy something thinking it’s going to make them feel better. And often times it does not last for more than a few weeks to maybe a couple of months.

Making an investment in yourself means more than just spending money on yourself. When I have clients, who ask me what I charge, I let them know how much they can expect to spend.  In the same conversation I share with them what they’re going to expect to receive from our time together so they know the lasting value they will receive. I also let them know that what I’m going to offer them is personal development, a change in their mindset, and a world that can be changed forever by investing in themselves.

If the next investment you need to make is in yourself, and you are not sure how to go about it visit my website or email for more details on how we can get started investing in you today.

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