What do you tell yourself you can’t do? And why do you say that?

Why do we always hold ourselves back? Why can we not believe in ourselves like it we did when we were five years old, and the world was at our fingertips? When did we lose the excitement in our belly and start to think that we cannot do something?

I often work with clients who tell me “oh I can’t do that” or “I have never tried that.” My reply is to always ask them why not? That little voice in our heads is our inner critic who holds us back from trying something new, daring to be adventurous, or putting the hard effort into making the changes we need to live a better life. Because we tell ourselves it will be hard. 

There are a lot of things in life we do that are hard, things that really pushes us to our limits, and sometimes we feel like giving up. I will share with you that if you give up, you are letting go of that little person inside of you who used to be able to do anything.

If you are seeking answers, looking to making changes in your life, or want to learn something new and you just feel that you cannot do it by yourself, I think we need to talk. We can be our own worst critic and sometimes it takes an outsider to make us realize that we can do anything we want to.

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