The biggest struggle I have ever overcome. 

As any woman, as many women I try to be everything to everyone, and I do a pretty good job of being someone people can rely on. Someone people are comfortable coming to for answers and advice, and they know I will support them. 

But what they don’t know is that on the inside there used to be a woman who didn’t have enough confidence, resilience, or stamina to keep up with everything mentally. I would run myself ragged trying to be everything to everyone. 

Oh sure, people see me now as a confident woman, a woman with determination and drive. A lot of people have seen the changes I’ve made in my life over the past 20 years to become this woman. What they don’t see is all of the time I have taken in personal development to get here.

Changes do not happen overnight; they can be hard…VERY hard. Changes also take a determination and the will to overcome anything that stands in our way in order to be a self-confident, resilient, and strong woman. I have taken many courses, many self-help programs, and I have had more than one coach. All of these things have made me be the strong person I am today so I can offer my support to women like you.

There are things that we can change on our own and there are also things that we need to have an outside perspective on from someone else. We need to have them asking us the hard questions we won’t ask ourselves. We need them to hold us accountable when we decide we want to give up because we should never give up. Which is where I come in as a coach.

If you are this person right now and you are looking for guidance, I am here to help. We cannot make changes by ourselves if we want them to stick because there’s no accountability. I can be your accountability coach. Visit my website or email to schedule your time to talk today.

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