When was the last time you anticipated an adventure? Do you look forward to exercising as a way of being healthy, or doing what you have to do? Are you putting off tackling personal development because you aren’t sure how to go about starting it? 

One of the programs I offer as a coach is helping you learn to look within, figure out what is missing or needs dealing with and work toward changing unhealthy habits. By daring to take on our personal development needs, we grow and look forward to the next adventure. 

I used to think that I had to exercise but I really never did. And then I realized I needed to exercise and take care of myself if I wanted to be healthy and to live my best life.

I’ve been on an adventure ever since and I have to tell you that most of the time I love the adventure. There are times when my body hurts, I’m just tired, and I really want to do nothing. 

But I know that in order for me to continue to be my best I have to enjoy not only the journey but the adventure.

We have to choose our adventure and we need to choose wisely because they will either lead to our best life and the other one could lead us to pain, medication, and regret.

If you are ready for a personal adventure to learn more about yourself we should schedule time to chat.   The adventure is yours to tackle and accomplish so ask yourself what it is that you have been putting off due to fear.

To learn more about the programs I offer visit www.kimjarvisco.com or email coachingwithkimj@gmail.com to schedule your personal time out. 

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