When was the last time you dared to go after something you wanted or put your hand up in the air to make sure you were heard? I know a lot of people who hold themselves back because they are afraid of what will people say and do. But why? Is always my reply.

Is there something that you want to try at work but are sure that you will be told no, or be asked about your intention? What about at home? Is there something that you need but are afraid to ask because you will be told no? 

Many times, we hold ourselves back because we are afraid that someone’s going to think badly of us, tell us no, or worse yet, tell us it is a horrible idea or request. 

I used to be someone who always kept my head down and would go with the flow. Then one day, I realize that if I wanted to move forward, I need to dare to dream and be heard. I needed to share with people what I wanted out of life, and what I needed from them. This has not always been easy because I value the opinions of my closest friends. But they know, I am never going to let it hold me back from asking for what I want or ignoring what I need out of life to suit someone else.

It has taken a lot of personal development to be able to find my voice…and it can be heard loud and clear now. Once I found my voice my life changed and has become better. I am stronger, happier and more fulfilled. 

Now, there are still times when I still struggle, but I am determined to ask for what I want and need out of life without hesitation. Whether it makes the other person uncomfortable or not. I also make sure I put my hand up and ask the tough questions that no one else is willing to ask. This is how we learn and grow. 

If you are daring to be seen, and need help learning how to put your hand up in the air to ask for what you need, we should spend some time talking about what you need. 

It will take determination, will take some time and it may not be easy at first. But it will be worth the journey, I promise you that.

Till we meet again…

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