Are you someone who goes through life comparing yourself to someone else? Why do we do this? Do we not realize it is unhealthy? Comparing myself to others is something that I used to do a long time ago. I realized it was unhealthy and worked really hard to stop comparing myself to others. Comparison does still creep back into my head from time to time, but I work to push it away and realize that I am amazing…and so are you!

 Now, the only person I compare myself to now is the person I was yesterday because no one else is like me and I have embraced the greatness that I am and can be. I do that to see if I am making a difference in my own life each day or if I’m living in the past and not working toward a better me. So many times, people will compare themselves to others when what they really should be doing is focusing on how they are different from others.

 Being different makes us all unique and when we take time to focus on what we need as individuals; we won’t have time to compare ourselves to others. We have so many talents and gifts to share with the world and to stunt it because we do not feel we are worthy enough is heart breaking.

I have a challenge you. For just for one day, take a few moments and write down everything you do say and feel about yourself. Then tomorrow, do it again. After a couple days of journaling, sit down and compare the days and see if you are getting better each day or if you need to step back and remember that your amazing and worthy of all of the accolades you receive.  Stop comparing yourself to others, this does you no good.

 Until we meet again…


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