Is there a habit you do every day without fail? Is there a special something that you do in order to start your day “off on the right foot”?  Is there a midday check-in that you do with yourself? Or do you just take each day as it comes and deal with whatever life throws at you?

I used to be this person, one who would just take whatever life gave to her and dealt with it. Now I am someone who takes charge of what happens to my day to the best of my ability, and I make a habit of always looking for the positive in everything. 

I made changes years ago on how I greet and work through each day. Perhaps life is not always fair, perhaps life is hard, and sometimes we feel like giving up. What we must remember is that we have the power to be the change we want to see in ourselves, even when the world is crashing down around us.

I have people who tell me that I have a good perspective on things, I always see the positive in things, and sometimes I even get the questions of WHY I look for positives in everything. I love that one by the way! To some, 2020 might have stunk and honestly, it was down-right hard for me at times. I mean it really did have an odor to it that no one really liked. But our perspective about it, whether we realize it, is making us who we are going forward. 

I will forever be a positive person. I will look for the good in everyone and everything. There have been times when I have found the good in some people, but I still need to let them go because overall the relationship was not good for me. And that’s OK!

If you are looking to become more positive, or to just learn how to deal with what life hands you but you are not sure how to get started, I would be happy to discuss my coaching programs with you.

Perhaps you’re looking to make changes in your life to become a better you. Perhaps you are looking for healthier habits that give you mental clarity so you can be your best self. The first step in becoming a more positive person is to deal with what’s holding you back so you can move forward.

I invite you to visit my website or email to talk about what is holding you back and what habits you can create for a better you.

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