If you could put anything on a billboard screen, what would you want to say?

My billboard would say that you are amazing, and you are worth it!

So many times, as we get older, we forget to realize how amazing we are. We can offer so much to the world and yet we hold ourselves back because we are afraid of what will happen or what others will think of us and if we will mess up trying something new.

I used to be this person; I was afraid of being who I am today and afraid of what others might think or say about me. Then one day I realized that I am amazing in my own way just like you are, and we have things to offer the world.

As a coach, I take what I do very seriously because it can have a positive impact on others, and I want people to know I care. If I don’t feel like I can make a positive impact through coaching, I will share that with you. But I bet I can! 

Taking steps in life to learn something new is scary and it can be hard. It can also be worth it in so many ways. If you are looking to make a change or want to share your message with the world but not sure how, visit my website www.kimjarvisco.com or email coachingwithkimj@gmail.com to set up a time to talk about what your billboard should say.

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