Self-care comes in many forms. While I’m writing this blog post I’m currently sitting in a massage chair enjoying the massaging up and down my spine and on my calves after walking around a park all day. I enjoy massages and self-care regimes that all me to relax, unwind or just “be” as they say. This allows my mind to slow down, create a different mindset and come back to my true self which allows me to help others’ much better.

 People constantly take care of others and put the needs of others ahead of their own.  By doing this, people neglect to realize that if they don’t take care of themselves, they are not really able to take care of others properly. Ever think of this? Most people say no. They don’t realize that if you are not able to take care of yourself, those that depend on you will not get the best version of your care. Which is always our goal, taking care of those we love to the best of our ability.

 It is ok to say no to others requests or needs to care for yourself. It is not that you are being selfish (even though people will say that to you), you are working on your self-care. It is so important that when someone asks you for help, if you have a self-care appointment made or are looking forward to quiet time to go for a walk, exercise, meditate or sit and read, you need to take that time and stay committed to your self-care.  You will thank yourself later for standing firm and taking the time for yourself now and not just pushing it off to help someone else and becoming resentful.

 When was the last time you said no, thank you to someone who asked you to do something for them or go somewhere that you didn’t truly want to participate in? Or did you say sure, and then resented it later?  Why do that to yourself? If you want to say no (and it is hard to do, I realize this) go head and say no thank you and let them know you would rather not because you have other plans. Even if those plans are to sit and read that book you have been putting off. You’ll be glad you did.

 Until we meet again…

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