How do we tune out noise? What is noise anyway? How do we know what is noise and what is appropriate information to help us become our best self?

 Throughout the day we have so much information coming at us. News, opinions, our thoughts, work expectations, etc. While some information is beneficial, some is unnecessary, false and downright misleading which is distracting. I call this noise because it clouds our thoughts and ultimately stops us from becoming who we truly are and what we want to do or be for ourselves.  It’s important to learn what information is important and what is noise that needs to be blocked out so we can become more productive and happier in our daily life.

 If information is unusable or untrue, it may change our behavior and thoughts on topics that we felt solid about before.  It is a good idea that when we receive information, we decide what is helpful and what can be harmful to our lives and decide what our action should be with that information.

 This noise distracts us from our goals. The very goals we have set for our personal and professional lives in order to achieve success and grow both personally and professionally.

 It is in times of distraction like this that we need to stop and remember what our goals are and tune everything else out. When we create goals and set out to make positive changes in our lives, we are telling the world and those around us that we are blocking out the noise that distracts us from being our best selves and nothing will stand in our way.

 What will you do for yourself TODAY to block out the noise and keep the distractions from coming between you and your success?

 Until we meet again…


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