So, WOW! I didn’t forget about this weeks’ blog. I just had a whole lot going on and had to stop and take a minute to gather my thoughts back together. This week started off just like any other week on Monday and then – bam, all of a sudden time stood still for a little bit and when the dust settled, I have struggled the rest of the week. Sound familiar? Have you ever made plans and started off on the right foot and then something happens, and it throws you off course? What do you do! These are the times when we just have to take a step back and realize that we do not have to get everything done in the exact moment we plan for it. It’s important to remember to take a few moments or even a day or two sometimes to regroup, gather our thoughts, say no to other activities and slowly get back to looking forward to working on what we missed. This is sometimes easier said than done but this week I really needed to stop and let myself deal with what was going on and then regroup and start over. It doesn’t mean that I was putting things off, it just meant that I need to take a minute and think about what’s really important to me and go from there. It’s always ok to stop, say no to requests and just be in order to gain clarity again. I encourage you, each and every day to take a minute and think about what you really need to do, and if it’s not something important to you, put it off until another time. You never know when a curve ball will be thrown your way. Until we meet again… Make it a great day!
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