How to save your relationship or stop a fight with a friend or loved one. Take a break…

By taking 10 to 30 seconds before responding to a question, or comment that has upset you, or made you mad you will have a clearer head in which to respond. 

We all have a tendency to respond immediately after someone has wronged us or said something that hurt our feelings or made us mad. Or made a request of us that we took as a demand and not an innocent request. If we stop and take a few seconds to a minute before responding to step away, it would save a lot of heart ache and headache at the time.

The next time you want to lash out or make a hasty response to someone who asks a question of you or makes a demanding statement stop and think. Take a second, perhaps tell the person you have to go to the bathroom and take that time to cool off.

It doesn’t have to be the bathroom. It could be going to get a drink of water, putting that load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. Picking something up off the floor in a different room. Just by taking time before you respond allows you to remain composed. This may keep you from saying things that you will regret later. 

Plus, if you are open with the other person, it may allow for more open and better conversations in the future. 

I challenge you, and your partner, friend, or parent that the next time you feel need to respond harshly and quickly, take the time to step away and think about your thoughts. 

It may just save the relationship. If you need help working through hard conversations, visit to connect.

Till we meet again…

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