Have you accomplished what you set out to do this year?

We are in the ninth month of the year 2020, it has been a long year but so many things are still yet to enjoy.

In the beginning of the year, every year really, people set out to do amazing things for themselves and for others. We are no exception. When 202 started out, what goals did you set for yourself?

Could it be that you wanted to lose 10 pounds, quit smoking or drinking, or to take better care of yourself in many different ways? Maybe you wanted to start a new project, do things around the house, or even just learning how to be comfortable in your own skin. No matter what you wanted to complete or change this year, you set yourself up for an exciting 2020. So, tell me what happened.

Were you able to accomplish anything, two things, everything on your list? Or did you treat it like every other year where you made goals for yourself and did not follow through?

For me, this year has been a little interesting, and sometimes downright hard. But I’ve pushed through, and believed in myself, and I’m ready for the third quarter of the year. Admitted, I got a little backed up this year, but I never lost sight of my goals. I did not achieve everything I wanted to achieve but I made a dent in every single one of the aspirations I had for myself this year.

As we look to 2021, what goals are you going to reset for yourself? What did you not finish, or dare I ask, start in 2020 that you really need to focus on in 2021? 

Now is the time to sit and reflect on the first nine months of 2020 and see what you can focus on in the last three months to push yourself to achieve or accomplish what you set out to do in the beginning of the year.

P.s. If you are struggling with what to start, how to continue, or where you’re supposed to go starting in 2021, reach out and let’s talk. There are so many amazing things just around the corner for you, let’s take the time to capture them and get them in order.

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