Power of Positivity

Join Coach Kim for May's Monthly Workshop

Power of Positivity Workshop
Monday, May 24, 2021 @ 7:00pm EDT

Cost is $20.00

This is a one hour zoom workshop for personal development and growth.

What is the Workshop all about?

Focusing on the positive things life hands us has so many more benefits on our emotional and physical health than focusing on the negative. When our activities and mindset remain on the positive aspect of life, we live longer and has less stress.

Who is the Workshop for?

If you are someone who wants to be more positive but is unsure how, or you are someone who tends to focus on the negative and not sure how to stop the cycle, this workshop is for YOU!

If you are someone who takes personal development seriously and wants to learn more about yourself and understand why you do what you do and break the cycle of unhealthy behavior, this workshop is for YOU!

Why should you attend?

During this hour-long workshop, you will learn how you too can become a more positive person. Someone who looks for the silver lining even when times are hard. You will also uncover what has caused you to stray from remaining focused on the positive and why you struggle

What will be covered?

Why we tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

Reflection exercises to help you retrain your brain towards the positive.

How you can remain focused on the positive in situations, even when it is hard.

How can you implement the material?

Take-away exercises will be available to help with personal development.

Open discussion of ideas on how you can work to stay positive at home and work.

What are your take-aways?

We will share ah-ha moments of learning and ideas that will support your continued growth.

Reflection exercises completed during the workshop for visual support after the workshop.

How will we follow-up?

One week after the workshop, if you choose, we will follow up to see how you have implemented the materials and new ideas learned.

What do I, as a coach, offer you?

As your coach, I offer confidential, one on one coaching to support your personal development needs in all aspects of your personal development journey.

We can set up a time to discuss your results from the workshop and decide on coaching is right for you.

Why do I do this?

I have always had a desire to help people see their self-worth and understand the steps necessary to dig deep inside to find out how great they really are. As someone who once struggled with self-confidence and weight, I know what it takes to overcome negative thoughts and create the change needed to realize your greatness.

As a busy professional I have found a way to balance work and life while maintaining my own physical and mental health. I am here for you!

Read the story of how Kim was able to help someone recently

I decided to start a home-based direct sales business in Spring of 2020 right in the middle of a global pandemic. The first few months actually really took off and I was able to grow my business rapidly, however, after a while I found myself struggling with finding the balance, organization, discipline and systems I needed to continue on an upward track. As a single parent trying to educate my special needs child from home, manage my own health and wellness, and trying to manage a new business and a team, It was not surprising that when I first reached out to Kim for coaching, I was all over the map.

Kim was excellent in listening and taking notes to work with me in establishing some goals for the coaching process, which we designed to address not only my business goals, but my personal health goals and my home organization and parenting strategies as well.

Through journaling, various inventories and exercises, and setting up some structure to setting goals and breaking them into meaningful and manageable tasks, I feel we were able to make great progress in meeting my needs. I didn’t always get there via the straight-line path, but Kim gently went along on the twisty ride with me from week to week during the course of our coaching sessions. She offers a gentle and compassionate approach, is an excellent listener, and truly cares about offering helpful value on the coaching sessions.

I now feel so much better equipped to plan and manage my schedule and my tasks as I intentionally design balance between my home and family and self needs and those of growing my business each week. I feel like I am following a clearer road map for setting SMART goals and planning my time. One thing in particular that has stood out to me from working with Kim was how she has helped me to find my authentic voice for sharing and marketing my business and has helped me to find a strengthened belief in myself and my dreams.


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Power of Positivity

Cost is $20.00

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