Do you invite the Positivity? Are you struggling with how to remain positive? Do you feel like you are self-sabotaging yourself when things go well? How much positivity can you allow in your life before you start to feel guilty?

I often think about this question when I am having a great
day, or I see someone else who is having a great time and then see them do something that brings the positivity to an end. It happens more than you think.

We will work on something and feel great about it and continue to talk about it and then someone in our life will say something that makes us question the positive experience we just had. And we feel guilty for being happy. I used to be this way. I would do and say things that would make me happy and if I didn’t get the response I wanted from others, I would feel guilty for being happy when they were not. I would question why I was happy and if I deserved it, and ultimately squish it by doing or saying something negative that wiped all positive thoughts away. And then I stopped!

It is so important to learn how to be on your own journey in life and expect positive things to happen and work on things that are positive in your life and never question why you’re happy. You can just be happy by being happy. No need for guilt or feelings of uneasiness for the sake of others.

If you are struggling with how to remain positive and if you feel that you are self-sabotaging yourself when things go well, reach out to me. We can discuss how guilt and self-sabotage holds you back and what positive greatness you have in your life. By doing this, you can continue on your journey to be your best self. 

Visit to set up a time to discuss the path you are on and how you can invite and maintain the positivity in your life.

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