Have you kept your New Year’s resolution? Or have you fallen off the wagon like every other year? 

We are in the second quarter of 2021 which means that we have gone three months since we have shared our New Year’s resolutions, so I want to know where you are with them.

Have you kept up with your healthy eating habits you promised yourself?  Have you quit that horrible habit that you just knew you were determined to quit this year? Have you enlisted the help of someone who can give you an outside perspective and support you? If the answer to these questions is no then you my friend, are in need of a support system. 

We start off every year with the best of intentions. We create a list of things we are going to do, going to stop, or work on and inevitably something happens that stops us in our tracks. We want to do them, we just cannot, for whatever reason we tell ourselves. Or we can’t figure out how to do them by ourselves but and may be too afraid to ask for assistance. 

Reasons we don’t ask for help range from I don’t want to be embarrassed, it’s not really that important, I’ll just scratch it off the list, or I don’t know if I can afford it. 

What I ask you is this…can you afford not to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions list? Consider the following: What will it cost you this year, next year, or in the long term if you don’t follow through on what you desire no?  Making a New Year’s resolution isn’t just about saying you’re going to do something. It’s about starting something fresh and or working towards changes we need in our lives to make us happier and or healthier. 

If you are stuck and not sure where to go from here and you still look at those New Year’s resolutions and think that you really want to accomplish them, we should discuss how we can work together. This will help to make sure that by the end of 2021 you have at least marked off a few things on that list and start 2022 without the same old desires and regrets. 

Visit my website www.kimjarvisco.com or email coachingwithkimj@gmail.com so we can set up a time to talk about your New Year’s resolutions and how we can work together to accomplish them before the end of 2021.

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