Growing up did you ever have anyone say, “oh that’s the best that she can do”, or “he’s pretty good at that”? 

Those statements, as innocent as they are, hold people back from ever finding their true potential. They don’t push you to want more or expect more from yourself. From a young age, expectations set on us by our parents, grandparents, and family and friends by saying “do your best” and sometimes we think that our best, is the best that we can do. But if you think about it, it really isn’t? 

Getting out of our comfort zone is the only way we will learn and grow beyond “our best” and prove to ourselves we have so much more to achieve. 

If we never push ourselves outside of the comfort zone and feel the pain and struggle that comes with wanting more, how will we ever expect more of ourselves? I push myself every day and work through my comfort zone because I never want to think back on a time in my life when I was content to just be “pretty good” at something. 

We can settle for just making someone happy or we can step out of our comfort zone and never settle for anything less than our best, our true best. The phrase never expect anything less, means to me, that we should never settle for just what we are doing now. We should never settle for being the person we are if we know that we have so much more to give, achieve, and are able support other people in their growth. What choice are you making today? 

Are you going to step out of your comfort zone? If you are ready to move past comfort and become so much more, I am here to help. Visit to get started.

Till we meet again…

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