If you’re ready to change your habits and become a healthier person, we should talk. I have worked with clients who were looking to lose weight, create better habits towards healthy living and enjoyment of activities again. It is not always easy but necessary. I know this firsthand…

What a difference taking control of my life had on me, both physically and mentally!  I lost weight and gained my confidence back. 

A dear friend sent me a picture and I was shocked at how I looked like years ago and yes, I was happy. Yet I couldn’t believe how overweight I let myself become and how unhealthy I was living as I looked at it.  

I have taken control of my life, changed my eating habits and started taking my life seriously and lost 75 lbs. The weight didn’t come off overnight and I had to work very hard, and I love the way I feel and look now and am never looking back. 

It is true, I still have a little indulges but I know how to eat healthy, and I know that exercise is important.
Working with a coach helps you see your potential and create better habits that can last a lifetime. Dedication to self-care is important to make any changes in life. Are you ready??

Now is the time to take charge of your health. Not tomorrow, not next week…NOW!     When we stop our unhealthy habits and say yes to self, we gain so much more than we ever imagined. 

Visit https://www.kimjarvisco.com to get started on your own personal journey to a healthier and happier you! 

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