Have you ever been to a place that you have gone to many, many times and still not know the direction of how you get from one point to another? My husband and I recently went to Disney World, a place we have been there many times. As we were walking around, my husband will say “wrong way” if we have to go right and I start going left. To this, he follows up with a question of “didn’t you know that’s how we have to go?” At this point in our trip I said to him, I make so many decisions and direct people what to do throughout the day for work that when I’m on vacation I let him navigate for me. So when we are on vacation he is my GPS.

It is OK for us to give someone else the GPS control from time to time. I have found that when I allow someone else to take direction and be responsible for where we need to go and what time we need to be there, it allows me to enjoy the experience. This also allows others to see how much I do for them and my family. This is isn’t a way to punish them, it is a way to allow me to relax and not be worried about it for just a short period of time.  Without having to constantly be concerned about what time we have to leave to go where and how we are going to get there; I am able to enjoy the process.

It is OK for someone else to take charge of directions from time to time. If you are someone who is always in control, making the decisions, lists for vacations, mapping out the trip or just planning things around the house you need to let someone else take the GPS just once. Once you let someone hold the directions and take charge of your adventure you will see it in a whole new way, and they will understand everything you do for them. It will feel odd at first and you may hate it the first time, but you will thank yourself for it.  Give it a try.

Until we meet again…

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